Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering ...

I mentioned a few blogs back that the 9/11 image made me sad/angry. 9 years later, how this day has been stolen and used to propagate hatred still makes me sad and angry. But ...

I also love how in response to a pastor wanting to use today as a day to escalate Christian-Muslim tensions by burning the Quran, the world (most of us) banded together to express our disgust ... but to do so peacefully, encouraging reading of both Holy Scriptures, of prayer, of communication. (And to those who responded by protesting holding placards demanding 'Death to Christians' ... you are what you hate ... much as Terry Jones is).

I love how on this one day, so many (though not all) can let go of politics, as Democratic First Lady Michelle Obama can stand next to Republican First Lady Laura Bush in remembrance and honouring of those who died on flight 93 in a field in Pennsylvania.

It is said major life and world events bring out the best in us. And I believe this; I see it most clearly surrounding this event. May we never forget both the evil, and the healing that 9/11 and its ensuing years have brought, however. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it - this is one generation that never will ... or will at least strive not to. And those of us who succeed, I pledge, will continue to help those that do remember that hate cannot be met with hate, but must be conquered with love. People who are true to God - whatever we may call Him/Her - understand that innately, and wholeheartedly.

Eid Mubarak; Shana Tova. Happy New Year both in Muslim and Hebrew, as for the first time in decades both faiths are celebrating their high holidays at the same time - may that mean something to all of us moving forward. XO

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