Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 13 - A Fictional Book

Well - I'm going to cheat here, since it doesn't specify 'favourites', and I'd be practically writing you a novel myself if I tried to use that parameter, I'll name the novel I'm currently reading: The Host by Stephenie Meyer (who brought us the Twilight series). It's about a group of aliens ('souls') who have taken over human bodies - all except Melanie's, her brother's, and her boyfriend Jared's. The book starts with Melanie being 'replaced' by the soul named Wanderer - or is she? As Melanie refuses to give up her body and she and Wanderer begin sharing thoughts, they both end up working against time to save Jared from possession. (and no this isn't a spoiler - this can all be gleaned off of the back of the book, and through the first 4-5 chapters or so of the novel. I'm only about 6 chapters in at this point so still too early for me to say if I'm really deeply enjoying it (I'm not devouring it as quickly and insatiably, if you'll forgive the awful puns, as I was the Twilight saga though ...), but it's what I'm reading now.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo. Let me know how you enjoy it! I kinda want to read it :)