Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 7 - A Photo that Makes Me Happy

Please note that the photo I want to put up here is one of my two boys - but given that one is in the process of being adopted, I think I want to stay away from anything much identifying. So instead ... here's one that always makes me happy:

This is me, making the same face I see my son make every now and then, referred to as 'happy rat face'. But this is me to this day - when you make a mess and get into scrapes, you might as well flippin' enjoy it and laugh! There's too much in life to take seriously ... no use crying over spilled milk. Or flour, as the case may be. Not to mention? Me=clumsy still to this day. I can make messes faster than Ari can clean up after me ... har har.

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Anonymous said...

omg you were such a cutie-pie!

What the heck happened? ;) Im kidding!!!! lol. LOVE YOU!

Make sure you read my entry for today. It's important. Do it, do it now :P