Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 15 - My Dream Home

To show you how not picky I am, my dream home is basically the one I want to settle down in. It's just a bit out of our reach right now, but I'm one regular teaching job away from it, and it's not that different from where we live now. I would want ...

  • 4 bedrooms instead of the 3 we have (one for Ari and I, one for each of the kids, and a guest room).
  • Free standing as opposed to townhouse (more conducive to space in the back yard - with a gazebo up we have no room for wading pools, swing sets, anything like that; and just more privacy overall, not right on top of the neighbours if they're having a smoke, or what have you).
  • Central air as opposed to one measly window AC in our bedroom (barring this being an option only for the filthy rich in Ottawa, this has become non-negotiable after the last 3 summers without it).
  • A swimming pool in the backyard (although I suspect Ari and I might do some head-butting over that one).
  • Zero, or at least only a few minor, renos/updating to be done (this house had a lot of little things updated, but a lot of other things that needed fixing and changing that we don't have the time and/or money for at this point).
  • Overhead lighting in bedrooms and living room - our house is so old-fashioned it has none of that! One of the first things we intend to change though ...
Although mind you - if we're talking 'just won the lottery and are set for life' dream house ... I hear Walt Disney World is developing a whole bunch of McMansions on-site ... hmmm ... :D

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