Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweetheart Saturday

Ari's been a great support this week. I've been directing a play as I've been discussing - and he has helped take care of Little Tyke, he brought me flowers tonight for closing night and waited while we cleaned the theatre, he came to the cast party ... he's such an awesome partner in life and I'm thrilled to have him. :) It's not big things, but it's the important little things he's good at, and that I need to appreciate more. I couldn't do something as unusual or personal or time-consuming as theatre without his support and understanding. On that level, he's awesome. :) So thanks honey! :D

Friday, January 30, 2009

Good goodness

So it's been a busy but happy couple of days. Some blessings to be thankful for

- I have awesome parents and in-laws who've helped with Liam this week as my show opened.
- "Echo" and the other one-acts going on for KWLT right now have been successful; well performed, well attended ... so happy.
- I was so pleased with the kids I tutor today as well, they've come so far this school year it's so gratifying to see them learn and grow. :)

On a personal note ...

We met LT's birth mom today. She's a sweet girl, and we feel so good about our role in his life, and the peace of mind we've been able to give her (and the peace of mind we've gotten from meeting and talking to her). It's a ... different ... situation, but it went as smoothly as humanly possible, and for that we're so thankful.

Now - having said that - I have a couple of friends and relatives on my mind right now who haven't been as lucky as us, and have had a rough few days or weeks (depending on who they are); I wish them peace, happiness and resolution. Only a couple of them ever read this (I think lol, I guess you never know), but I thought I'd put my support and prayers out there. :) Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and TGIF.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shameless Shill #2: K-W Little Theatre's One Act Play weekend feat. "Echo"

I know I pimped this last post but I just spent my last two evenings at dress rehearsal, and the shows are AWESOME. Please come check out these evenings of fantastic entertainment, including "Echo", a lovely little one act directed by ... yes, moi! Deets are in the previous entry; hope to see you there!

Monday, January 26, 2009

"ECHO" This week

Hey anyone of you in the KW area - come check out the KW Little Theatre's one act plays out in St. Jacob's from Thursday to Saturday. It's at the Church Theatre on King Street, 8pm each of those nights plus a 2pm matinee on Saturday.

"Echo" is one of the shows in the evening, which I directed. It's a great little play with an awesome cast and a sweet opportunity to support local community theatre and local artists. (as well as to see why my blogging has faltered a bit the last week or so).

Hope to see you out there! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweetheart Saturday

Wow - proof I don't post anywhere near enough, I think this was only 2 or 3 entries ago this week lol. It's been a busy one. Which is what I want to write about for this Sweetheart Saturday (a bit early, but hey it's after midnight, that counts).

It's been a really busy and tired week for Ari and I. He's had work, Little Tyke's had two doctor's appointments (nothing wrong, just checkups etc.) and I'm heading into tech week on the show I'm directing. So no problems *between* us per se, but we've had a hard time connecting.

Until this morning when Ari - you know the one who goes to work etc. - woke me up with a snuggle with him and LT, and a bacon and egg breakfast before he headed off to work. Ari and I have many strengths in our marriage - we're both pretty good at understanding each other, we have a lot in common, similar values ... but we're both busy, and don't always put our marriage first. A moment like this is a great reminder that we all should make the effort to do those little things to connect with our loved ones - they take so little time (making breakfast took 10 mins.), something like that costs so little money, but it means so much.

Thank you honey!!! XXX

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sigh ...

As if we needed any more proof that Rush Limbaugh is a jack@$$. Here's the bottom line: he can regret that Pres. Obama was elected; he can fear that he will fail; he can hope, as the analyst suggests, that liberalism proves itself to be non-functional so that conservativism can be re-proven and re-entrenched (won't happen, but he can hope).

But to wish for Barack Obama's failure, is to wish in essence for the failure of the nation. This is not the time for such rhetoric, and I'd say I'm disappointed and surprised in Limbaugh, but since the last is not true I will leave it at disappointed. As the title of this entry says - sigh ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack H. Obama

Congratulations to the 44th President of the United States.
Yes We Did.
Here's to a running start to a productive and positive 4 years.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweetheart Saturday

So my awesome girlfriend Alex started 'Sweetheart Saturday' this week and I thought I'd join her as I'm feeling pretty warm & fuzzy towards MY hubby as well. She speaks of the patience her husband has, and mine does too - he works a fulltime job and yet he still works hard to match what I do as a parent at home, even though really he's entitled to come home and rest. To be fair, I'm tired at the end of the day too and not always as understanding of that as I should be, and sometimes HE takes the 'I'm tired' thing a bit too far when all us adults/young parents/working folks feel the same - but that's what I love about him.

We're both imperfect, and we don't always get that about each other or accept it as much as we should, but we TRY. And I think that's pretty special, that seven years later we still do make the effort to learn about each other, change for each other, and to try to be the person the other would like us to be - while also understanding that we fell in love with who each other IS in the first place, and not trying to change 'the small stuff'. And between you and me, lol, Ari's better at this than I am (but sssshhhhhhhhh ... don't tell him that ;) ).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some people are just rude ...

My husband, Little Tyke and I live in a townhouse.
This means we have neighbours immediately
On the other side of both outside walls.
Knowing this, and that we have a new baby,
We try to be respectful -
Respond to his crying as quickly as possible,
If he's truly upset
Have him more in the middle of the house, etc.

However we think some understanding
From them is important too.
Newborn babies cry in the middle of the night.
We wake up quickly,
And immediately get him his food -
But we can't teleport from our bed
To the fridge to him. It takes a few seconds.

Our neighbours have decided from time to time
It's acceptable to bang on our wall
If he cries more than 15-30 seconds
At night. I know it's loud and we're sorry,
But do you think we enjoy it?
Do you think we're just sitting here thinking
'Let's let our baby cry'?

And hey - even if we were those kind of parents,
And weren't responding to our beloved son
On whom we dote,
If we were the kind to ignore our own baby's cries
Nice and loud in our own house,
Do you really think we're going to pay attention
To you knocking on our walls?

I don't know - there might be some ways
We could move faster. Keep his bottles in his room,
For example, in a cooler for late at night.
But I still find this rude - though that could just be me.

Thanks for listening - I hate using this blog
To complain or vent and I've been trying
To keep a more positive tone of late
(Things have been good so it hasn't been too hard!)
But this really bugged me.
Again - thanks for indulging. Cheers,
And have a great day. Now that that's off my chest,
*I'm* going to! :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ellen Degeneres

So first of all my apologies for not writing like at all this weekend - it's been a busy few days, but not that interesting and nothing to really write home about. Meanwhile though, I'm not usually a huge 'Ellen' fan, but a couple things I've seen the last day or two have really entertained me and I thought I'd take some time to post them up here. :) Check these clips out -

The first one is of CNN anchor and Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer gettin' 'Low Low Low' with Ellen:

The second is one I found while looking for that first on Youtube - it's of First Daughter Jenna Bush calling her parents around Christmastime last year. Really funny and kind of cute.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Also - A Very Cool Photo ...

A real meeting of the minds - every living past, present and future POTUS, in the Oval Office. Apparently this is the first time such a meeting has occured outside of like, a funeral since the 1980s. Monumental indeed.

Quick Check In

Hi all, just wanted to check in as it's been awhile since I've really updated you guys on everything. While on the one hand it feels like not much is going on here, there really is a whole lot of that nothing goin' on lol - loving every minute with Little Tyke still, following with interest as my friend Alex as well as my mom awaits buying and selling houses, looking forward to introducing LT to a whole whack of friends this weekend ... I'm also directing a play which has been going well except as winter illness and weather has hit, we haven't rehearsed as much as we'd have liked. Sigh ...

But all is basically well; we're in good health and good spirits here, and while my grandfather is in the hospital again he seems to be in as good spirits as can be expected as well. We have a healthy, wonderful baby, supportive family and friends and are in a really good place, even though no one thing is really new or brilliant. But really honestly, that's the best kind of life, isn't it - nothing too stressful or overwhelming, just generally good and humming along to the tune you want it to. :) I hope everyone else's 2009 is off to the same start ours is. It's a fresh year with no mistakes in it yet - let's all make the most of it! :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Broadway Closures

So it was a bloodbath on Broadway this weekend as 9 shows - including the super-popular "Hairspray", "Grease" and "Young Frankenstein" - closed. A true sign of the economic times, when theatre - usually such a great escape from our real-life woes - starts taking the hit financially too. Granted, this is a typical time of year for shows to end their run on the Great White Way, and among those nine were shows which were only intended to be seasonal offerings - such as Liza Minelli's new show and "White Christmas" - were among the closures. But this is still one of the biggest shut downs in B'way memory.

RIP; can't wait for the revivals. XO

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday S

My friend Alex's daughter turned 2 this week.
I went to visit her for her birthday yesterday, bearing gifts.
It was a nice time to see friends. :)

S was so good with our Little Tyke,
As was Alex and her husband.
Real friends - I appreciate their company.

Happy birthday to your little girl Alex! :) Big hugs.