Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 18 - My Wedding

How ironic that this comes up the 18th of the month - Ari and I were married the 18th of June.

We had an interfaith service, presided over by my childhood minister and a Jewish cantor, at the Kitchener Wedding Chapel, followed by our reception at the New Dundee Country Club. There are lots of little things looking back I wish could have been a bit different - the planning had its moments of stress as all weddings do for sure, we probably should have had an open bar instead of a cash bar, as it was mainly our wedding party who ended up not getting the tickets 'close family and friends' were supposed to get for drinks ... - not so much a fan of my hair and makeup, and the singing during the service was lovely but complicated due to technical issues (everyone's dream for the Windows theme to chime in as they're signing the registry lol) ... but that's just it. Those things were so small. At the end of the day, what I will remember about our wedding is this:

  • Everyone who was important to us in that time and place was there. We wish we knew then some of the people we know now so they could have been there too - but the wedding was such a reflection of our life at that time, it was amazing.
  • Those stupid little things - the drink tickets, the music - they're some of the moments we remember now with the most fondness. Those silly things are what made our wedding, our wedding. So we didn't get to cut the cake ceremonially because the speeches went too long - no one noticed and we all got to chow down on chocolate. Y'know?
  • The thoughtful men in my life. Besides, you know, the one I was marrying, who simply made sure that everything but everything was in place at the chapel before we got there, my dad was at his gracious best that day, giving my mom (his ex-wife) a huge bouquet of flowers for raising his kids right, and my brother, besides giving me the 'if he hurts you I'll kill him' talk wrangled showtunes (and much-appreciated grub for the wedding party being tortured by photos).
  • The hour after our wedding when we had late night munchies at 1:30am and walked down to the corner store from our hotel for Cheetos - so quiet ... just the two of us for the first time in a week ... it was amazingly fun.
  • Shawn Michaels' theme music ("Sexy Boy") playing for the garter removal - and to this day none of us can figure out who clued the DJ in to our wrestling fan-ness.
So was it perfect? In the literal sense ... no. But were those little things, little things, some of which in fact enhanced the day? Yes. And you know what? The fact that I can only sit here and rattle those things off in hindsight, as opposed to the day of, or even the weeks or months afterward ... hey. We must have done something right. :)

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Aw! Such a lovely picture of the two of you :)

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