Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 26 - My Week In Great Detail

I'll recount in as much detail as I have in my head ... hmmm.

Monday I don't remember at all. A bunch of housework, marking, church-related stuff, general puttering.

Tuesday I went to the library in the morning to actually do some marking (when I say I 'marked' Monday I really meant I sat at my computer with some schoolwork open while tending to babies and other stuff - I have learned this week I need to leave the house to do work). In the afternoon myself and the men went stroller shopping unsuccessfully. Had dinner out en famille, came home, watched some West Wing, went to bed.

Wednesday Little Tyke had a speech therapy appointment and I had a staff meeting at church. We successfully bought a double stroller and ran some errands in the evening before going home.

Thursday Little J and I hung out at home while Ari and LT went for a run - we went out to the movies (Despicable Me) in the afternoon, and finished up The West Wing in the evening. I also began painting (well really, colouring using paints - it's already drawn) a picture to hang in LT's new 'big boy' room.

Friday I substitute taught for the day, before coming home to spend the evening with my boys; we were going to go to the park but it was a bit damp and chilly so we played inside. Saturday was lazy and other than running a few errands and taking Little Tyke for a walk, reading a book and starting 'One Fine Day', it was pretty quiet family time.

Today is described pretty well in my last post. :)

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