Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Few Personal Wishes

  1. A Happy Thanksgiving to my American relatives; I'm hoping their long weekend is full of family, friends, good health and excellent Black Friday shopping deals.
  2. We are now one week out from my 'baby sister' L-N's wedding and I'm so excited for her that she's found such a wonderful guy and found such happiness in her life. She's had a road that has been both bumpy and smooth at times, but she now has S to help her through the choppy seas, and to share her joy in the calm ones. They both deserve all the happiness in the world.
  3. Someone very dear to me has been going through a rough time for the last year. Sorry - absolutely no details here, it is not my story to share and incredibly personal - but let's just say that after they, and those around them, have gone through just about every conceivable hurt and pain that they could go through over the last 12 months, some closure has been achieved this week, and while the road ahead is not going to be an easy one, I am hopeful now that the trip might be a successful one and pray very much for that to be the case as they take steps to put their lives together again.
  4. Lastly, for my loved ones and friends, and yours, as we once again put our tree up, attend church, brave the malls, light the Menorah and generally enjoy family around the Heaney-Daigen hearth; so much this past year to be both thankful for, and to learn from; so many challenges, but oh so many rewards. As the holiday season is upon us, I wish for us, and you all, the opportunity to reflect, to relive and relish, to learn, to overcome ... and whether it is US Thanksgiving this weekend, Hannukah starting next week, or Christmas in a bit under a month ... I wish everyone a happy one this year. XO

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Congratulations William and Kate! :D

So a couple days behind the news, but I wanted to extend my humble congratulations to His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, and his fiancee, Kate Middleton, on their engagement announced Wednesday, after 8 years as a couple. They strike me as a very intelligent, grounded, down-to-earth couple and while I have learned better about 'never saying never' as celebrity, and particularly Royal, marriages are concerned, I am optimistic these two have a great future together, and I wish them all the best. And if they don't ... hey, I've already arranged the 'battle for William' with another girlfriend of mine, loser gets his brother. ;)

Check out the very charming interview the newly-engaged royal couple conducted shortly after the engagement announcement:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy birthday little man ...

So it seems just as my actual tangible schedule frees up, other intangible things come up. You know - like, Little Tyke's second birthday! lol If you're wondering where I've been since Wednesday last, that about explains it. A couple days of housecleaning to make it sparkle before the (grand)parents came to visit. My dad and stepmom were in Friday night for dinner, and back the next day, along with my mom and step-dad, brother, Ari's parents, and my cousin Allison and her new family, to celebrate LT's birthday. Monday (yesterday) was the actual day of, and we took him to a barbecue restauranta and Megamind at the movie theatre. We are officially celebrated out up in he-ah! Last night was a 3-hour oldschool WWE Monday Night Raw I have been dying to see and we didn't even have the chance to check THAT out before passing out in exhaustion. That=tired lol. But so worth it to celebrate our favourite little Toddler. Love you LT - XO!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Saga of the Computer

Starring me - a dolt.

So ... let's flash back to about 18 months ago. My 2-and-a-bit-year-old computer (Xmas 06 gift), which had been a bit sluggish and dud-like from the beginning, had slowed down to the point of unbearability. Between myself and one of my best friends, who is a computer genius who has a like, 99.9% record of fixing any tech problem we throw at him, we manage, in fixing it, to damage it beyond repair. I find me a 1 year old Dell Vostro laptop on Kijiji. Yes. Dolt. Nonetheless, I did due dilligence, checked the computer, checked out the family selling it, and was very happy with it. Very happy indeed. Even with little hiccups - needed to replace the AC adaptor, for example - it was by FAR the best computer I'd ever owned; satisfied with it right from the top and remained so until Thursday/Friday night.

When I turned it on, and the screen didn't light up. Machine=whirring and hiccuping and clearly 'going', but no action on the monitor. Despite the best long distance help friends (and close at hand help Ari ...) could give, the ultimate decision was made; brand new computer.

So ... yeah. Doing the math that means as of yesterday I'm on my 3rd new computer in 4 years. Boo! On the plus side? This is my first very BRAND NEW computer in 4 years, and it is lovely. I managed to skip the Vista debacle entirely and am running on a lovely new Windows 7 OS. Nice, organized, AND managed to get all of my important files transferred (yes, that's the additional complication to this story; one of my main sources of income is teaching high school courses online. So me being without a computer ... or without access to my documents file = bad news).

So I guess on the positive end of things I have a GREAT new compy. Lovesit. Still ... boo on having to replace otherwise good computers. Sucksy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Good and the Bad

The Good - Little Tyke's first trick or treating this weekend. He enjoyed it and got a nice, toddler-sized haul. His touchy mood of the last few weeks seems to have improved, and his baby brother has learned to smile. I have been working steadily between the church and teaching, while still having plenty of time to enjoy my boys. Life has been good.

The Bad - I'm sorry, American politics is upsetting. I have enjoyed some of the past week on this score - Barack Obama going on Jon Stewart's Daily Show and performing beautifully, and the latter's Rally to Restore Sanity this weekend were highlights. Apparently, however, those messages fell on deaf ears as the not so-G-OP has taken back over the House of Representatives and picked up an unfortunate number of Senate seats. Alright, progressives - stand up, brush off, and let's start trudging towards 2012 and Obama's hopeful re-election. What's the alternative, after all, Sarah Palin? "Good policy is good politics". Just keep saying that to yourselves, and know in the end it will prove true, even if this year seems an egregious betrayal of that reality.

God bless you all. Be well. XO