Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 28 - What's Inside My Purse

My purse right now is ridiculous and really should be labelled 'what's inside my purseS' because I have a 'Mommy's working out of the house' today purse, and a 'Mommy's not working today' purse. My 'Mommy's working today' purse includes a bunch of church related materials, my day planner, makeup, a hairbrush and some backup 'oh crap the person I'm replacing didn't leave me enough to do' substitute teacher activities.

My 'Mommy isn't working today' purse also includes a hairbrush, diapers, toys, non-perishable snacks (think goldfish), makeup, diaper wipes, hand sanitizer, vaseline, and a bunch of random paper (receipts, junk mail) that I toss in there and haven't gone through.

My wallet and whatever book I'm reading for the day go back and forth between my purses as needed.

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