Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 30 - A Dream for the Future

Well this is kind of like the last one but more generally and big-picture ...

I hope to stay on the path we're on now. Would there be some things I'd like to change? Yes. There are some relationships I'd like to step back from in my world right now, and others I'd like to repair. There are times of great busy-ness and stress, and times of ennui/boredom. There are times I wish we could travel more, have a nicer car, live in a bigger house, like almost everyone.

But then I remember - where a year ago we had one child, we now have two. Where three years ago we were renting an apartment, we now own our own home, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a basement, a yard. Where a matter of months ago I had no real job, I now have three. Three very different jobs, all of which both challenge and thrill me to no end. I do have a great family, wonderful friends, and all those things in the first paragraph? We're working towards most of them, and those we aren't working towards are really small things that we can more than get by without.

We are currently living a version of, and moving steadily closer to the complete version of, the life I always wanted. A husband, a home, a job I love, healthy children, and the ability to do fun and adventurous things on a fairly regular basis. While I might ask for more of the same, or for the same to be a bit smoother and easier - I really wouldn't change a thing at its core. XO

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absolutely loved this post Sarah!