Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 29 - Hopes Dreams and Plans for the Next 365

  1. First and foremost is to maintain the positive aspects of our status quo here, which is for the most part wonderful. We have a happy, healthy little family in which I am a wife and mother, we have a lovely extended network of family and friends, and I just hope for those wonderful relationships to be maintained; everyone to be in good health, happiness, etc. I know that can't be perfectly possible all of the time, but we can try our damnedest. Especially when it comes to my two little boys, who are so happy and content and I intend to keep them that way.
  2. On a similar note, finalize Little J's adoption.
  3. Get my full driver's license (in Ontario we have graduated licensing; I have my second stage license of 3; I'm good enough at this point to go for my full license I just haven't bothered because we've been busy, and it doesn't afford me that many new privileges; but it's getting to be about time, if this license expires I need to re-test to keep it, and I've already done that once so I might as well take that test to get my full license and not worry about it again until I'm 80).
  4. Get a teaching contract that meshes well and allows me to keep my job as youth pastor at my church, as right now I'm enjoying both callings immensely.
  5. Travel next summer; we agreed after Walt Disney World that even if it's just a few days to somewhere inexpensive (local camping or whatever), we need to take the time to do at least a little something vacationy each year. We're hoping/dreaming this year for either the Jersey Shore where I used to vacation all the time as a little girl, or Prince Edward Island, where I've never been. Both incredibly kid friendly, with beautiful beaches and comfy accomodations.
  6. Do some of our more urgent home improvements - we have an ancient stove and dryer I'd like to replace, we have some paint that's chipped since we've moved in that I want retouched, our powder room sink is all rusted, etc. Our garden has also gone to weed again and I'd like to fix that.
  7. Sign up for SOMETHING as a family - whether it's art classes with Ari, swimming lessons with Little Tyke, or whatever, I want to get some more structured activities into our days which so often degenerate into 'where do the kids play today, the living room or the park out back?'. That's fine for now and no one's complaining, but I think the opportunity to meet other kids and to get out of our little zone would be good for everyone.
  8. Be consistent in my plan for weightloss, and actually, y'know, lose weight.
  9. On a related note - it is my goal by next spring to run a 5K race. I don't care how fast my time is or how long it takes me, I just want to be able to say I can run 5km.
  10. Actually complete a writing project that is longer/more involved than a blog entry. :)

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