Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nicole Kidman is lovely, but ...

Much, much less respect for her after these comments in PARADE magazine:
As a new mother to daughter Sunday Rose, Nicole Kidman has reacted intensely with "whatever that primal thing is, the need and desire to keep her very protected," she says. "People say, 'Oh, it would be so much easier if you'd just let them get a photo of her.' And I can't. I'm like, 'I don't want to. I want her to stay out of that.' Maybe that will wane as she gets bigger, and I'll be easier with it. But for now, I'm still keeping her in a bubble." Her eyes turn red and moist. "I'm raw and emotional," Kidman admits. "I cry even thinking of her. But they are tears of joy. Because I suppose I never thought I would get to have it. To have been given it so late in life—I'm so ready for it. And I think giving birth to a child, as a woman, is what we're born to do. I don't mean that to sound sexist, because many women don't get to do it, and I thought I was one of them. But at the same time, if you are given that gift, it's an extraordinary thing."
As someone who cannot have children of my own, might I ask Ms. Kidman then, what *I* was put on this earth to do? She is a shame and a blight to all adoptive mothers - no, MOTHERS, period - who consider the little boys and girls they raise to be every bit the blessing birth children would be - moreso, as for us "mere mortals" outside the Hollywood Bubble, it is so much more of a struggle and an achievement to adopt than to give birth. After all - one road to parenting involves being carefully observed and interviewed and considered as a parent; the other can be as simple as some drunken mistake.

I can say with confidence that given she obviously never dealt with the emotional baggage she attached to her fertility, nor, apparently, did she allow herself to bond with her adoptive children or protect them now from comments that surely must be hurtful (no WONDER they call their father's new wife, Katie Holmes, "Mom", and Nicole, "Nicole"), that no adoption worker or child welfare agency in the world would have allowed Nicole Kidman to adopt with those issues left un-dealt with if she were not rich and famous.

I emphathize with the infertility struggle, and I emphathize with her marrying, adopting children, and divorcing all at a relatively young age, and I'm sure she's a wonderful person - but that does not make her a wonderful adoptive mother, and I feel very much for her children right now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Update

So - I hate that my postings in the last bit haven't been particularly personal or update-ful; life HAS been busy, and I shared a bit of the more fun stuff with you guys - the Halloween Party, movies and dancing this weekend, for example, were some of the most fun I've had in a long time; I'm holding auditions this week for the play I mentioned I was directing, which is cool, and next weekend is shaping up to be fun too as we're going to Canada's Wonderland and "Twelve Angry Men", a play being produced here in town. But most of the WEEKDAY busy-ness is either not especially interesting (who wants a blow by blow of someone else's work day?), or can't really be spoken of in any particular detail just yet (although I'm sure lines can be read between). Hopefully, as some of those things happen and come together (auditions, the play we're going to check out, etc.) I'll have more to write about. Meanwhile though, I'm tired, still a bit sick, and grumpy, so to lift my spirits, and hopefully yours - I thought I'd share this. :) Enjoy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Weekend

Saw High School Musical 3 - better than it should have been. Recommend it to people who like movies to be distractions, and light, fun fare.

Went to an incredibly fun party last night as Tracy from Hairspray - yes, I LURVES me some musicals. It was a fun night with some super-nice couples whose company I enjoy VERY much. It served as a warning, however, that I MUST brush up on my Wii skills lol.

And tonight - dinner and dancing with the in-laws for FIL's aforementioned birthday, before the last week at my teaching placement, and Halloween, and all that stuff coming up. I've enjoyed the weekend and am looking forward to the remainder of it. How about you all? :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This is my Father in Law. It is his birthday today. Happy birthday FIL! :) It is a photo of him with a donkey; I chose this photo in particular to express my hopes and wishes for what a not-too-far-off-November day will bring my American in-laws, and the rest of the world.

Yes We Can ...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Movie review - "W".

Wow - so Ari and I saw this movie this week. It was excellent. It wasn't what I expected, on the one hand, but I didn't expect what I would usually expect, on the other, because most reviews said it wasn't what you'd think.

What it was was very strong - it did, in true Oliver Stone fashion, portray the stereotypes of the players - a calm and statesmanlike Colin Powell, a creepy Dick Cheney (played to perfection by Richard Dreyfuss, to whom I've always said the Veep bears a resemblance), a rat-like Karl Rove, a kindhearted but cold, patrician (think Queen Elizabeth) George Bush Sr., a patient and long-suffering Laura Bush, a shrill and iron-maidenly Barbara Bush, and of course the unintellectual frat boy, George Jr. However, it played out the most sensational perceptions and stereotypes of these players and their lives and times in a perfectly believable fashion - provocative without being sensationalistic, controversial without being scandalous, Stone walks a great line between humour and tragedy, sensationalism and true depth. Due to a decent script and a very strong cast, he succeeds.

My only complaint - and it is one that couldn't be avoided - is that some stuff was left out in order to fit this film into an already-tightly-crammed 2 hrs. 10 mins. We see the improbable rise of Dubbya from shiftless, aimless partier to born-again Christian politician to President of the United States, without seeing the true effects of the unravelling - given that it led to the Iraq War which was the ultimate climax and endpoint chronologically to this movie, there was little-to-no attention paid to Sept. 11/01, and given that it fits into the 'frat boy wins the lottery' mystique of Bush's rise to power, they gave little attention to the controversies surrounding his 2000 acquisition of (I refuse to say 'election to') the presidency. I feel we could have seen one or two parties fewer, one or two failed jobs fewer, to flesh out that transition.

That said - as someone who truly detests George Bush as a president, and everything he stands for - this movie earned him my sympathy, which may or may not have been Mr. Stone's goal. While I stand by that this man should never in a million years have become POTUS, I have at least come to see him as a badly misguided, unintellectual, uninformed man with a good heart who wanted to do good - to impress his family, and to improve his reputation. He is a boob and a nincompoop who will indisputably go down in the history books as the worst President in US history, but perhaps it is the American people, or the American electoral system, or this man's all-too-cunning and greedy base which are to blame for that - not this poor buffoon himself.

Which by the way, marks a 360 return to my stance of 2001. I went from believing this was a stupid and impressionable man surrounded by evil, to evil himself, and much smarter than we gave him credit for - this movie has managed to convince me that by and large, no; he was a dolt after all. Still, as I said, Stone did nothing to change my perception of this man's legacy, whatever the cause, nor do I think he meant to. I will still be breathing huge sighs of relief come January. Exit stage left - er - right, Dubbya - 3 more months all! :D Quack ... wheeze, limp ... quack ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Home sick today ...
The cold won. :P

But in the meantime
I wanted to take the time
To thank A
For having me out
For a visit last night -
I was tired and lonely;
Company is nice. :)
Hope the kids
And D are feeling better
(you too for that matter).

Hope I recover soon too.
At least Ari had the day off today
So I have some company.

OK ... back to bed ... or couch.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Introducing - Photostory Friday

So I've decided to start w/this new game introduced to me by Alex.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Basically, I put up a photo every Fri. and explain what it is. Here's the first photo.

This is a photo of myself w/Ari at a friend's wedding this past summer. Why such an 'old' photo? Because Ari and I have been the King and Queen of forgetting our camera pretty much since this trip for any important events. This is one of the most recent photos 'we' took of ourselves. It is also one of the last photos of us as a family of two ... ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Canadian Turkey Day

wishing everyone much to be thankful for
as we celebrate this holiday
and head into The Season
we are all so blessed
Thank You

Friday, October 10, 2008

Prayers have been answered

Not going to say much more -
Those who know, know.
Thank God for R or L.
Can't wait to meet you.

More info when it's real
No jinxing
No limits
Just know right now

There are
No limits
To our happiness.
Thank you God.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dalton Sherman

This kid is amazing - and is from this point forward my answer when anyone asks me why I do what I do. :D Thx P&P for sharing this today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I was tagged by Alex - formerly the Everyday Mother. Here's how it works -

So here goes:

  1. I enjoy wrestling. I have since I was 7. It started as a way to bond with my dad, and became a huge interest of mine well after he stopped watching regularly. And anyone who knows a little on the topic - before engaging me on the subject, beware - I am a smark. Look it up. ;)
  2. I'm not even 5 ft. tall - which means apparently I should be in a booster seat lol.
  3. The reason I am not even 5 ft. tall is that I have Turner's Syndrome - details at the link. This would also explain why Ari and I are adopting.
  4. My step-dad used to be my ex-boyfriend's step-dad. He and my mom met through N and I around the time on-again off-again became off-again fairly permanently.
  5. I met Stephane Dion eight years ago via my local newspaper when I was on their community editorial board - a very intelligent and good man who I wish the best of luck in becoming PM.
  6. I was named after a Fleetwood Mac song.
  7. If asked to list my two favourite musical artists, I would say Billy Joel and Eminem - how many people can say THAT? lol
Tagging (only 4 as I don't know any other bloggers lol) -

Alex back

Sunday, October 5, 2008

And for my American friends

I hear you guys have a wee little election coming up too! AND your registration deadlines are upcoming, if not already past. So please do what the rest of the world can't do for your upcoming election - please vote. Posting this on behalf of my non-blogging Yankee hubby, who has already done so (absentee ballot), and the rest of us who await your decision with baited breath. XO

Register to vote!

Just wanted to remind my fellow Canadians out there that tomorrow is the deadline to register with Elections Canada to vote in the upcoming Federal election. It is shaping up to be incredibly close, so if you have a party you feel would do a good job as the government of our country for the next four years, it is important that you make sure you register, and get out to vote in ten days. I know I will be! :)

Meanwhile, it's time to finish up my usual round of weekend chores and go out this evening to see WWE's big wrestling event tonight at the local movie theatre (we could watch it more cheaply at home but figure we owe ourselves a date night - lol how romantic). Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, and back to work tomorrow! Wishing everyone a great week ... hoping to have one myself. Anyone who prays, remember that we are waiting on an important phonecall or two this week, and please keep us in your thoughts. Thanks! XO

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yankee Politics and Personal Update

After watching the French language Canadian leader's debates the other night, I don't feel too bad that I forwent the English debates in order to satisfy my carwreck-watching tendencies by watching the Joe Biden-Sarah Palin debate from the US (they're Barack Obama's and John McCain's vice-presidential picks, for those of you living under various forms of rock).

All I can say is this - for the pundits out there to say Sarah Palin succeeded by not embarrassing herself, and establishing herself as a legit candidate - have our standards really fallen that low? I mean, she did not, that I could immediately catch, *outright* state untruths (although I'm sure a quick duck over to would fix that perception in a hurry) nor did she make any major, George W. Bush-esque misspeakings or gaffes; but she evaded more questions than she answered (after Barack Obama has been heavily criticized for the same), and the answers she DID deliver were either trite, glib platitudes, or energy-centric.

Beyond which, her platitudes were fallacious - "How can people who are supposed to represent the future and to represent change, focus so much on the past?" she asked of Obama-Biden; well, how about to provide an explanation for why a change is necessary? Sorry if tying your ticket to Bushism hurts, but it is accurate given John McCain's voting record thus far.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, did a better job than any of the candidates so far in my opinion, including his principal, Barack Obama. He answered every question in a direct and forthright manner, including a couple Obama had weaved around. His choking up in reference to women not having the monopoly on parental love and concern was real - it did not feel like a put-on or a calculated display of humanity like (admittedly, even one of my favourites) Hillary Clinton indulged in in the early days of the primaries when she cried after losing one, as she was heading quickly into another. I don't see how it can be a politically calculated move to break down in a formal debate, thus making it real, and a point well-taken; Sarah Palin is campaigning because she's the Hockey Mom married to Joe Six-Pack; well, even those who are educated, aware of the issues, and can speak extemporaneously without hours and days and weeks of prep, can love and care for their families deeply.

Regardless, Joe Biden definitely came out the winner here - and perhaps the most presidential of all the candidates thus far. I cannot WAIT for November, as I believe strongly the bloom is off the Sarah Palin rose. And in the meantime, life personally is humming along nicely for me - work=good, diet=good (11 pounds down in two weeks, courtesy of Nutrisystem, ballroom dancing and my local YMCA), I had my first production meeting for the January 1-Act Plays with Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre tonight and that went well too -- soooo excited, after letting some individuals I should never have worked with damper my enthusiasm for the theatre - and lastly and most importantly ... well, let's put it this way: due to confidentiality issues, it is very possible that in the coming weeks ahead I might have to up the discretion factor as it regards the adoption process. :D

In which case, while I can't share any kind of details until things are finalized (and even then will need some clarity on what is acceptable - while I have no intention of sharing anything REMOTELY identifying such as names or photos etc. regardless, I want to find out if 'It's a boy/girl' or 'Son/daughter learned to "x" today' is OK), but please know my silence is a good sign, and those of you who are REALLY near and dear to me will of course be kept in the loop as much as we can. Thanks for your prayers and support as always, and have a great weekend. VOTE DION! VOTE OBAMA! :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Le debat des chefs

(moins les accents, parce que je ne sais pas comment les utiliser sur l'ordinateur).

Ce soir etait le debat francais des chefs des parties federales ici en Canada. Nous allons voter le 14 octobre. C'etait un debat tres interessant, et j'etait fiere de moi-meme que j'ai le comprendre assez bien - je suis enseignante de francais, je peux le parler assez bien, et ma comprehension n'est pas mal non plus; mais c'est encore ma langue deuxieme, alors honnetement j'ai encore des difficultes quand les francophones parlent trop vite a la tele, et je fais des erreurs dans mon ecriture quelquefois aussi. Mais je veux essayer de communiquer en francais ce soir, mes opinions de le debat. Excuse my French. ;)

Selon moi, tous les chefs etaient assez competent. Elizabeth May etait le plus faible en francais, mais elle a communique ses points dans un facon comprehensible, et sauf pour quelques erreurs de syntax, sa langue simple et direct etait de temps en temps un change positif de la langue si complique des autres chefs. Gilles Duceppe et Stephan Dion etait le plus comfortable dans la langue, parce qu'ils etaient les deux francophones au debat; mais Jack Layton et Stephen Harper sont presque parfaitment bilingue, alors c'etait un debat plus eloquent que ceux qui ont inclue Preston Manning, il y a dix annees ou plus.

Comme enseignante de francais, qui est clairment bilingue mais qui veux aussi apprendre plus de francais, et ameliorer mon utilisation de la langue, la langue c'etait un des plus grands choses que j'ai observer.Mais je suis aussi quelqu'une qui aime discuter les politiques, et qui etait interessee par le content des debats aussi. Moi je suis Liberale, et a ce facon, je pense que Stephan Dion a fait un case extraordinaire pour un gouvernement Liberal apres le 14 octobre. Jack Layton aussi a lui aquite avec honneur et intelligence, et si je peux etre honnete, si je n'etait pas une Quebecoise anglophone, et si il n'etait pas un separatist, je croix que Gilles Duceppe peux me convaincre de lui donner ma vote ... si j'etait encore en Quebec, alors. ;)

Mais finalement, il y a seulement une chose qui est certaine: Stephen Harper a perdu le debat ce soir. Moi, je croix que Stephan Dion a gagner, mais je peux voir que c'etait un debat fort, et que tout le monde a peut etre eu un opinion differente au sujet de le ou la gagnant(e). Mais le chef des Conservateurs etait en ligne de feu des autres chefs, et je ne pense pas qu'il a convaincu les citoyens de Canada qui ne l'a pas supporte deja, de lui donner leur vote en quelques semaines.

Can't wait for the English debates tomorrow - more then ... and easier to write! ;) I may be a French teacher but it's still my second language after all ... and working without accents. Boo! Good night all.

Oh man ... tired ...

Exactly what the title says.

Wishing for better weather ... that always tires me out.

Waiting for an email ... watched pots never boil.

Feeling hopeful about a whole bunch of possibilities I'm not QUITE ready to talk about here yet.

But knowing hope itself is almost more important than that which is hoped for.

Not in this case though ... ;)

Fingers crossed on all fronts.

Wish for my good luck - I'll wish for yours.