Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days of Blogging - Day 6 - 20 of my Favourite Things

  1. Favourite ice cream flavour: Candy cane chocolate crackle by President's Choice
  2. Favourite vacation spot: Walt Disney World
  3. Favourite season: the Holiday Season (although if Winter could end after January 1 I'd be much obliged)
  4. Favourite wrestler: Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart (tie)
  5. Favourite singer (female): Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink
  6. Favourite singer (male): Billy Joel, Eminem
  7. Favourite band: Bon Jovi, Dixie Chicks
  8. Favourite restaurant (fast food): Arby's
  9. Favourite restaurant: Mongolian Grill
  10. Favourite room in the house: right now, bedroom - it's air conditioned! :)
  11. Favourite time of day: anywhere between 7-9am; my whole little family's in bed then, the boys are having their formula/milk, no one's in a rush, it's just nice.
  12. Favourite night of the week: Tie - Mondays for wrestling, Fridays because it's the start of the weekend.
  13. Favourite music video: I'm with the VMA academy AND Kanye West on this one; Single Ladies AND You Belong With Me were awesome videos.
  14. Favourite reality show: almost any talent competition - American Idol, Dancing with the Stars. If those don't count ... I'm big (or was big) on What Not to Wear - is that show even on anymore?
  15. Favourite wine: If I'm feeling cheap - Jackson Triggs shiraz. If I'm feeling a bit wealthier - Wolf Blass Yellow Label.
  16. Favourite flower: Roses. OK perhaps a bit cliche but yeah. :)
  17. Favourite gem: Emerald - my birthstone! :) Diamonds are nice too.
  18. Favourite car: For sheer look and flash - Corvette. What kind of car would I want for my family though? Either a VW Jetta, or a Mazda 6.
  19. Favourite soda: Cherry Coke
  20. Favourite superhero: Superman! :)

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