Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My OTHER life ...

As a wrestling fan.

While this has been a big week for us personally - just found out social worker's almost done our homestudy, we were approved for our mortgage today, etc. - it was also a big week in the world of my own personal guilty pleasure ... wrestling!

Ric Flair, a man usually at the top of everyone's list of Best Wrestlers of All Time (and yes it's hard to have a 'best' in a fake sport, but if you think of all the aspects - the entertaining, the athleticism, the ability to tell a story, talk on the mic, actually go into the ring and do your thing, etc.), retired at 59 years old after a 35 year career. This is tantamount to the Rolling Stones quitting, is what I've been comparing it to most, or Jack Nicholson never making another movie.

Please see my tribute slideshow to this awesome personality (even if he IS a Republican) at my other blog: - thanks!

In terms of a personal note, not much going on that y'all don't already know about - it's all in the first paragraph. Moving, officially now, to a home the next sort of community/neighbourhood over (anyone familiar with Kitchener, it's in the Chicopee area; if you aren't, suffice to say it's a 5 minute drive from our house) in June. Our homestudy should be done by week's end and just need our signatures to be official. I'm sick as a dog and not going in to school tomorrow - and before you ask why I'm still up ... well, I slept for 4 hours as soon as I came home, so yes I'm awake - doesn't mean I feel great though!

So I AM off, hopefully to try to rest a bit more and get better. Hope everyone has a good night, and please protect yourself from whatever the heck bug is going around - it's a nasty one and I don't know ANYONE I don't think who hasn't been sick in the last 2-3 weeks. Stay well.

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