Saturday, April 19, 2008

Middle School Girls Tape Beating

OK - this is a new trend of the internet that I am not enjoying. Many unsavory things, from testimonials about awful spouses with whom one is going through a divorce, to beatings, to recently a gang-related, firing squad-style murder, are videotaped and find their way online. Are people so sick as to want to be seen at their worst? Are we so sick as to want to sit and watch human suffering? How can these young women be so proud of what they've done to their classmate as to want to post it online?

But aside from that - I have to truly say - girls and women disgust me at times. Don't get me wrong, I am not truly sexist in either direction, I am quite proud to be a woman, and I think we have many great qualities. Being married and having dated, and having a great relationship with my dad, step-dad, and brother, I think guys are generally pretty terrific too. But one thing men have all over us, is at least they're up front about their crap. When they don't get along with someone, shouting and fighting and whatever ensues, and then the drama is over. They can get back to being whatever they were before.

But girls are different. We're sneaky. When things are not working out with a friend or loved one, we don't tend to just say 'hey, this isn't what I want it to be anymore'. We gossip, we badmouth, we backstab ... and even here, where it DID result into some up-front violence, it was sneaky: they ambushed this poor girl. I'm remembering a story a little while ago where a teenage girl's 'frenemy' (and by the way - only we girls/women have 'frenemies'; not to give them too much credit, but men are smarter than that), set up a fake MySpace account as a cute teenaged guy, who proceeded to get to know with, flirt with, etc., Girl A. Well, eventually, he told Girl A he heard she was a bitch, not especially great to be around, etc., and really badmouthed her hard; she killed herself. Only for her family to discover this boy never existed, it was a classmate of hers (AND HER MOTHER! HER MOTHER!) all along. How awful is that?

So a tip to all us women; don't ever be like men. It's great we have differences and I love both sexes for them. But please, if you're going to argue, let's try to argue a bit more like them. Unless the guy argues like a girl of course ... all sulking and drama. ;) That's just not cool.

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I remember that MySpace thing. Dr Phil talked about it on his show. There was nothing the parents could do about it. It was horrible.

I admit, I have bad mouthed people, but I try my best not to. I vent, like any other human being and that's all it is. After my vent, I don't say negative crap about people.

In high school, I think all girls were sneaky bitches. The majority of them still are. I'm not. I grew up. If Im pissed off, you'll know it.

The human race sucks. The majority of people are screwed up in the head. I think it's disgusting how people will video tape that kind of stuff and then put it all over the internet for others to watch it. What's so funny about it? Seriouslly.