Sunday, April 27, 2008


So yesterday was fun, though a whole lot of money for nothin'. :P We slept in till 11:30 - which I can't remember the last time we did that! - and then had a brunch date before heading to the Brantford Home & Garden show. It was a lovely drive, and the show was kind of neat: lots of cool stuff to look around at, and I was happy to see my friend "A" who was hosting a table there for one of her businesses (she's a work-at-homer). Very cool, since she's one of the best friends I've got - certainly one of the best I've made in my adult life - and we hadn't seen each other in a couple weeks thanks to some monster illnesses going around both our homes and general busy-ness of life.

After that we stopped by the Brantford casino next door and proceeded to piss away $40 in like, I dunno, 20 minutes? That was probably the lowlight of the weekend ... boo on that! I don't mind losing money in a casino if it goes a long ways and at least buys an amusing hour or two, but this most certainly didn't. Oh well. The slots were just not rolling in our favour today. LAST time we gambled, we came out $20 ahead! Guess you win some, you lose some. The evening was quiet - I did some packing, we did some straightening (the house is clean, but gets *messy* pretty easily these days as we prep for a move), we watched some videos, drank some wine ... it was nice.

Friday was cool too - we had a dinner date out, and then went to our dance lessons which went amazingly well ... so pleased with our progress, and we had fun with Ryan, our male instructor (we mainly dance with Angie, but once in a while they throw in Ryan to give a man's perspective for Ari, since his job and mine in dancing, if you know anything about it, are completely different). So this weekend has not been the best ever for watching what I eat, but has been well worth it in terms of fun, and back on the wagon today ... which sounds funny to say given I'm going out to the In-Laws' for dinner, but they're generally pretty conscientious about what they eat, and therefore about what they feed others'. So it shouldn't be too deadly. :)

Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend, enjoyed the nice weather (for the most part) outside, and isn't too bummed about going back to work tomorrow ... except my luckyduck husband who has a vacation day tomorrow! And why? All because he's expecing a phonecall ... lol.

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I loved that you and Ari came all the way out to Brantford to help support my sexy lil butt at MyBiz table.

I feel very special to be considered a best friend :-) There is no arguement here, by far you & Ari, Janie & Jesse are my best friends. I don't know what I would do without you guys. I'm so lucky :-)