Thursday, April 3, 2008

I know I wrote about this on my wrestling blog ...

But as not everyone reads it I thought I'd post it here too, as it really bugged me.

Here is an article I found as it appears over at - fast becoming one of my favourite wrestling sites, by the way:


"The mother of a two year-old son who was allegedly killed by his four year-old brother told St. Louis police that the older boy was pretending to be a WWE wrestler when he choked his brother with part of a curtain. The woman says she's convinced that exposure to professional wrestling played a part in the death of her son. A police investigation is ongoing."


I felt compelled to write back to editor Jason Powell, and I thought I'd share my comments with you all - MY readers here at In This Very Ring:

"Granted this is possible but - might I ask what this woman was doing allowing her FOUR YEAR OLD SON to watch WWE? In this day and age, with the violence level of the product upped, as well as all other manner of vulgarity, she should on some level be held criminally responsible - or at LEAST criminally negligent. NOT acceptable parenting here in the least. You might debate what an acceptable age to start watching pro wrestling is (or whether it's ever appropriate), but it sure as heck isn't 4."

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