Monday, March 31, 2008

Our First House

Excitement all over! Hubby and I just made an offer (which was accepted) today on our first home - a lovely townhouse in a neighbourhood near ours, which we bought for $132,000. It's conditional on the financing of course, which we should have straightened out this week, God willing, but we all managed, at 11:15 pm, to agree on a purchase price, so barring anything unforeseen the house is ours come the summer.

Which is the next best thing. Our closing date? June 18. Those of you who know the significance of this, great; those of you who don't - it will be our third wedding anniversary. :) What a special way to mark the occasion. So thankful the purchase of our first home went so smoothly - just think, we only looked at this home on Saturday, and we'd said then it was just 'window shopping', that we weren't looking seriously till June, nor planning to move till Labour Day Weekend! Wow ... headspinning. Anyway, excited, and meanwhile also wishing a similarly smooth transaction in the very near-future for A&DP, who are also looking to buy a new home.


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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Oh that is friggin FANTASTIC!!!

Where is it????

Much love for the well wishes darling!