Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick update

So it's been awhile since I've given a personal update - I mentioned losing my teenage-hood dog last week and I spoke of an article at that I read about, but I haven't said much about my weekend/week so I thought I'd share.

Saturday night Ari and I got to go to a Proclaimers concert - they're the "500 Miles" guys, for those who don't know. Awesome, awesome show. Just the right balance of a rock concert, without being overly crazy, or too many young people (ie, teenagers), or whatever. It was a great crowd, a great show, with two great opening acts. A huge thank you to my brother for the tickets.

We've also found out for sure for sure we've been approved to adopt. While we won't actually be given any matches till August at the earliest, we're both going to sign off on our homestudy tomorrow, which is exciting! :D I can't wait for this summer - a move, hopefully a baby ... it's going to be an awesome, awesome time.

Workwise things have been OK - I'm used to having classes be either really awesomely behaved, or very poorly so, and this week it's kinda been a mix of both: no one's been angels but it's generally got smoothly, and in particular my class from hell has been actually somewhat human. That might have something to do with the well-behaved AND smart little genius who joined them this week ... poor kid!

Otherwise, it's the holding pattern. No report cards or moving or kids or major projects just yet, but I KNOW it'll all come whamwhamwhamwhamwham, so I'm just trying to stay on top of everything as it comes ... it's a busy week work-wise, but at least personally when I come home at the end of the day I have been able to leave it behind, enjoy some TV, some wine, and relax. Hopefully, I'll get all my loose ends at work tied up by the end of the week, so that I can move on with some more fun stuff (ie personal life) next week. But meanwhile, I think I've finally got the hang of this state of being known as 'yuppy'. ;) You just wouldn't know it from mornings ... MAN is it hard to drag myself out of bed and out the door some days!

And how about you all? As always I welcome comments and stuff right so let me know how your first few weeks of spring have been! Enjoying the lovely weather? Or - if you live out west - enjoying the ... well ... snow? *snicker* Oops. Sorry. Mean. ;) Meh, y'all - GO HABS GO! Smell ya later! XO - Sar

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