Saturday, April 12, 2008

Personal Update

So I am feeling better from my ear infection, but definitely enjoying a lazy weekend. Yesterday was productive - I caught up on a lot I wanted to catch up on at school as it was a workday with no kids (Professional Activity Day); we also waived our conditions on our home purchase, so we are officially homeowners, closing June 18.

As for today, my husband and I made an excursion to Burlington (45 mins. away) to the IKEA store, confirming we are indeed a boring ole married couple. ;) We're looking for a love seat for our living room. If anyone has one, or knows of any garage sales coming up, let us know. Also, keeping an ear out for a (non-motorized) push-mower for our new yard's lawn.

Other than that I've done some early, easy packing, and watched more hours than I can count of "Lois and Clark" reruns on the DVDs I own. TRULY lazy day, the sick day I've been tempted to take all week but which I took LAST week when this cold started, and didn't feel I could push for another one so soon. Tomorrow I'm going to go to church, do some chores around here, and finish the last couple of school-related things I need to do before next week (mainly my first round of grading for this term). So I figured - busy day yesterday, busy day tomorrow, I've earned a 'Day In' today. Right? Right. Who says TV rots your brain ... lol ... Besides. Lois & Clark is AWESOME. Recommend for anyone who hasn't seen it. SO sit-through-able ... and there is NOT much I can do for hours and hours on end like that (mainly the odd video game and wrestling ... and I suppose work but that's not ALWAYS by choice ;) ).

Enjoy your rainy weekend everyone - I know I am!

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better darling.

I hate Ikea. I love the stuff there, but I hate the store. The Little Man and I got lost and seperated from Hubby and Little Diva. I almost cried.