Thursday, April 10, 2008


As I don't like going more than a day or two without posting, and I haven't posted in like two or three days now. I have an ear infection. It is painful. It's taken a lot out of me, and I've been exhausted. Yesterday, I had a dance lesson which I pretty much stumbled thru, and then spent 3 1/2 hours in the emergency room to have a doctor look at me for 5 minutes at ~1 am to say "Yup, it's infected" and give me a prescription I couldn't even fill until today anyway. Fun times.

As for today, I pretty much slept from the time I came in till I had to go pick up Ari (minus some quality time on the phone w/my mom and grandma), and have been enjoying snuggling on the couch w/him and watching TV - something as a sicky I'm sure I can't be begrudged. But now I've started my meds for my ear, have had/am about to go get a decent sleep, and it's the weekend coming up - hopefully, all a good mix for some more regular blogging. Particularly tomorrow, as - God willing- we should be waiving our conditions on the purchase of our new home, making it final and official. Will update then. Meanwhile, I wish everyone much better health than Ari and I have been enjoying the last week or so, and will catch up with you soon!

And hey - ask readers of my previous blog - for me, going a couple days without posting is NOT that bad. ;) Cheers all.


Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

poor sar *hugs*

If it helps any, we're all sick over on this end of the blogland.

Which hospital did you go to? I remember when I was pregnant with little diva, I was having chest pains. Ones that had me doubled over in pain. I sat in the emerg with hubby for, get this seven hours. I sat in the room to see the doctor for another hour, hour and a half. Saw the doctor for 5-10 mins and was sent home.

My blood level was through the roof. I couldn't breath properly.

And yet, I had to wait 8-9 hours in total to see a f*ing doctor.

KTown Hospitals SUCK

SARcasm said...

Ugh Alex that sucks! :( You'd think you'd be higher than that on their list of priorities to say the least. - At least I expected as an otherwise-healthy 25 y/o to have a bit of a wait for an ear infection.

All's well that ends well though, my meds are helping, I'm at least not in pain anymore and today was a PD day - which means good productive work, without the stress of the kiddos (or at least some of them). ;) -- hope your family is getting healthy/will be soon; Ari and I were both sick, and a household of sickies sucks, that's for sure! :P