Monday, June 8, 2009

Technical Difficulties - Computer and 101 things

Hi all,

So certainly anyone following me on FB knows, and probably has been getting the sense here I've been having some computer issues the last 1-2 weeks. They started out small - just wanting to deal with some slowness my computer has always been experiencing (it never really ran like new), and then managed to make it worse when I tried to fix it.

Can we afford a new computer right now honestly? No. So my brother is selling me his Mac, kindly, which is super-duper sweet, it's only a couple years old and in awesome condition. I'm no longer used to Macs after years as a PC person but I hear they're fantastic so I'm sure I'll get used to it again in no time.

Meanwhile however I have also made the decision to not do the 101 things anymore. A part of this is just admitting defeat and punking out - insert predictable excuses here; a young child, especially one who IS teething and is NOT napping, makes it hard to get to the gym or find time to sit and read or write a whole bunch, etc. But there are a couple other reasons; one, the goal for ME was never so much to accomplish all of them perfectly but to set myself a road I wanted to go on to organize my life and be more productive; I've done that. I'm definitely busy and getting done what needs to get done. That just doesn't always consist of gym trips and bubble baths.

Also - while I get it's supposed to be work I feel like there should be some fun too - and the pressure at the end of the day of 'can't go to bed now, MUST blog and read a chapter of the bible and so on and so on' I don't think is what this is supposed to be about. It's not necessarily supposed to be all fun, but one should be invested in it completely not just scraping by on it. I feel like it takes time away from my husband, my son, and things that REALLY need to get done (childcare, chores around the house, etc.) so I acknowledge that this exercise served its purpose, and I might/will revisit it at another time when I have perhaps more time.

But meanwhile thanks everyone for following it! And I should be blogging more again now that I am hours away from having my own working compy again! :)

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I dont think you failed at anything :P