Monday, June 29, 2009

How 'bout that weather?

After a week of it almost being too nice - beautiful sunny, great swimming/sprinkler weather, but SUPER hot - it's been rainy here in Kitchener. It's supposed to be thru Canada Day (which is too bad as we wanted to take Little Tyke to see fireworks); but a nice weekend, which is good as we're taking a little mini-break this weekend to Toronto.

Ari started his parental leave today which means I've got to start looking into getting back to work; I had an opportunity which fell thru, which made it too late to look into summer school et al - very inconvenient but it happens. Unfortunately. So tomorrow it's out hitting the ole pavement with the ole resumes to all the temp agencies in town.

Meanwhile any readers heard of job opps in KW/or within an hour thereof, for the summer? Wish me luck as I return to the work world, and Ari as he gets to enjoy two months of being a SAHD (stay at home dad). It should be a neat new adventure for all of us!

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