Friday, June 26, 2009

Tag! - 7 Things

Well Alex over at I'm The Mom took her nice pills today (insert appropriate level of sarcasm here lol) and tagged me for the '7 Things About You' game. So ... I've been tagged before but no one else played along so I'm not passing it along to my party-pooper friends, but I will at least do my part of it. :) So here goes ...

  1. I'm a control freak, but not the way you might think. Others can do stuff I don't want them to, or can not do stuff I do want them too, or disagree with me, or whatever, I'm as OK with that as anyone is if they're honest with themselves. And if there's something wrong, or bothering me, I'm even OK with not being able to fix it. But I hate it when I can't even try - I have a hard time with the 'God grant me the serenity ...' thing.
  2. I all kinds of love my son and have truly enjoyed my months at home with him; I'm also looking forward to going back to work.
  3. After years of hating summer weather (I've tended to be more a spring or fall person) I've found myself enjoying nice hot days in my yard or at the beach (although I also enjoy the AC in my house).
  4. I'm the queen of guilty pleasures - Perez Hilton, fast food, Jon & Kate, What Not to Wear, pro wrestling ... I know all these things are bad for your health lol but I enjoy them anyway, albeit with a teensy bit of shame.
  5. I'm a writer but sharing my work terrifies me - which I guess makes me not really a writer. If I hadn't lost all of my work in switching over computers I'd be trying to overcome that ... but now I have no writing to share.
  6. I started this around 6:30/7pm and it is now 1:45 - I've been sleeping since 9 as I'm not feeling so hot, yay summer colds.
  7. I'm terrible picking 'favourites' - I have plenty of movies, actors, songs, singers, TV shows, etc. that I enjoy but I never seem to list less than 3 when asked to name favourites.
OK - so yeah. :) Any readers interested in doing this on their own blog, consider yourself tagged - let me know you did it so I can check it out. :) Otherwise have a great weekend all.

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