Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

First of all, my lovely Little Tyke turns 7 mos. old today so hopefully his Nana, his daddy and I can make a nice day for him. :)

Secondly - a once dear friend of mine is also celebrating a birthday today. He mentioned awhile ago not appreciating being spoken of either among mutual friends or on my blog and I respect that - but surely a 'wishing you a great year ahead' is appreciated by all.

So - Happy Birthday. As much as the last two years haven't been something either of us appreciate from one another, I still can't help but hope the year ahead brings us peace. I'd love for you to meet LT and be a wonderful 'uncle' to him, to catch movies and make fun of them together, etc. But barring that - I still wish you happiness.

And I wish that for all my readers. Have a wonderful start to the week, all!

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