Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing special ...

Just felt like writing. :) Not much to write about - starting to look for summer work, and work for September, I feel like I've gotten out from under some of the housework I'd fallen behind in, and have a bit more of a social life going now! - Saw my mom yesterday, my friend Alex over at im-the-mom today as well as her Racer and Diva, which was fun, going out with some of Ari's grad school friends on Friday along with their s.o.'s, new kids, etc., and Sunday's father's day and we should get to see both our dads that day. Also it's a citywide United Church picnic which is kind of a fun thing to look forward to too.

Little Tyke has been in a much better mood now that his two first teeth have come through - although as I type that he starts crying ... lol ...

Back. Basically in a better mood. ;) He's a busy one; not quite sitting up yet or crawling and certainly not standing at 7 mos. but starting to stay seated if we put him in a sitting position, pulling up on things, rolling all over the place - we lowered the bottom of his crib this weekend to make sure he couldn't climb out of it as we know one night he'll just be lying there, and the next sitting and pulling up etc. He's going to be a handful once he hits toddlerdom that's for sure! He already is a sucky boy, mainly because he doesn't need to fight that hard for attention or adoration. I took him to the office I worked at a couple summers ago today, and all the ladies fawned over him - that reaction is common. :)

Ari's working and will be taking over my parental leave at the end of next week while I 'tag out' and go to work for the summer. Where oh where, who knows. Hopefully somewhere close, soon. Wish me luck on that endeavour! I was hoping to teach summer school but thought I'd gotten an excellent summer opportunity that ended up falling through due to lack of interest (not through my part or anyone's - it's a new pilot program for an enrichment summer camp, it's understandable any program in its first year won't necessarily get the interest one might hope).

It's Ari's and my 4th anniversary on Thursday. His mom is babysitting so we can go out and celebrate - looking forward to it. Things are on a great track right now in general and it's always nice when you can look around and say that - although of course then you wish you'd realized it all along, through all the usual day-to-day nonsense life always has a habit of throwing at all of us right? :) Wishing everone a happy week.

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