Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tori Stafford

The sad news came yesterday -
A little girl, abducted about 6 weeks ago, is dead,
Although they are still looking for her body.
Two in custody - monsters.
As a teacher and a mother
Whose adult life has been devoted to children,
I am angry,
But mostly sad - whatever comes out,
Whatever caused these criminals
To target this little girl -
With whom they were familiar,
As apparently the woman
Knew Victoria's mother -
Tori was an innocent of the adult world
And the flaws in it all around her -
Drugs, divorce, shady associates.
I don't speculate -
I feel for her parents,
For her friends and teachers
And neighbours who must now live
In a fear unfamiliar to their small community.
I pray to understand the un-understandable.
I pray for justice.
I pray for the peace and safety of all children
From our adult B.S.

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