Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank You

Also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for making this a wonderful birthday weekend -

My friends and family who phoned or left FB messages.
My Dad and step-mother for hosting a lovely dinner Friday, and a gift which I still wonder what it will be (should get it later this week).
My mom for babysitting last night so we could enjoy the 'High School Musical' play tickets she bought us, giving us a fun little date night. Also for a lovely dinner tonight.
My brother and Dawn, his girlfriend, for joining us for that dinner, and the lovely book.
My in-laws for a nice lunch and a subscription to Pro Wrestling Illustrated (!).
And best for last - Ari for being so attentive and helpful this weekend, being my escort to all these events, and he and Liam for just generally being the most awesomest ever. :)

Thanks everyone. I'm exhausted, and a bit down now, but only because this weekend had to come to an end. Thanks for making it so special. :)


Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Hey beautiful. I was out of town all day yesterday and wasn't able to wish you a Happy Birthday until late late late at night. I wonder if you got the msg or not ... hmm ...

Anyhoo!! I hope your birthday was wonderful, filled with love laughter and family and friends.

Big hugs!!

SARcasm said...

I did Alex thanks! :) Just to confirm with the timing we won't be making it to Racer's party but we will be there for yours on Sat. just shoot us the time on email or FB when you know. :)