Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thank you

Thanks to friends and family who might check this blog out for being at Liam's naming ceremony and/or open house this afternoon - we truly appreciated it. Also wanted to send out wishes for good health to T&L&W, and A&D&K&S, who we know wished they could be there but were kept away by illness - we'll get together again soon! Hugs and kisses *from afar so we don't get sick too ;)*.

We have such wonderful family and friends, and again, such occasions are awesome reminders of that. So thrilling to hear about their upcoming celebrations too - so many weddings and babies and new homes and school opportunities etc. upcoming with the people we've caught up with, can't wait to support you all on your exciting journeys as well.

It also reminds us that sometimes paths go in different directions - there are a few people I'd imagined always having by my side at events like today's, and, as often happens, for various reasons, they weren't. It happens when you have friends across the country, or who might be otherwise occupied. But whatever the reason I just want to take a moment to say: whether this message goes down the street or to the opposite coast or anywhere in between, I love you guys, and I hope life creates an opportunity for our paths to cross again soon. Love to all.

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