Thursday, May 7, 2009

A cute movie, and the sniffles

"Ghost of Girlfriends Past" was a very cute and funny movie I went to today with my favourite movie date - Little Tyke! Love Stars & Strollers/Movies for Mommies, it's such a great concept.

Anyway even though I'm a drama student who can see romantic comedies for exactly what they are, I am nonetheless a sucker for them and this is not a bad one; I enjoy Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner, and Michael Douglas is one of my all-time favourite actors. Good cast, and perhaps not the best script or chemistry between them ever in life, but an enjoyable 100-minute romp anyway. :) It's exactly what it sounds like, and if you enjoy that kind of thing, it's exactly the kind of thing you'll enjoy.

It's also been a week of illness and struggles all around for my loved ones. I'm afraid LT has gotten Ari's throat infection of the last couple days - although more as a common cold than specifically in his throat. He's been a bit sniffly and wheezy. Although he's been that for awhile now - I'm afraid he might be allergic to our sweet kitties. We're going to ask the doctor about that on his 6-month visit (which is SO close now it's exciting and sad all at the same time, wow ...). My other mom, as well, has been in bed all week, as was Ari as I think I might have mentioned? My dad had some kind of bug bite over the weekend that got infected and they had to operate on and administer antibiotics intravenously at the hospital yesterday as well; not to mention Alex has been blogging about her poor sick kids for a week or two now!

Everyone seems to be coming out of it - her Racer and Diva, my boys, my dad and step-mom - but wow, it makes the days and weeks unpleasant doesn't it? I (knock wood) am pleased and impressed I've avoided it thus far - I'm usually the super-susceptible sicky who infects everyone else. :P Here's hoping I can get through my first mother's day without catching this springtime bug, and that as I mentioned last time, two of my favourite mommies have safe travels for THEIR weekends. Peace all!

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