Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Week, Next Week

So this week's been ... OK. Little Tyke's definitely had some grumpy times with teething and not wanting to nap, but he's still generally in decent spirits; we've had a good day today in particular, after a rough one yesterday, as I got to take LT back to my workplace of earlier this year to introduce him to all my old colleagues. And this weekend being my birthday weekend, I have dinner at my father's tomorrow, a date night with Ari Saturday while Liam's Nana (my mother) babysits, and then lunch Sunday with my in-laws, and dinner at my mother's. Next week is my dear friend Alex's birthday, as well as her son Racer's, so we'll be seeing them a couple of times I hope; and tomorrow is also LT's 6-month checkup which always excites me to hear how well he's doing (although we have a couple questions this time so I'm concerned too as always - WANT to hear he's doing awesome :D).

So it's a busy one, and an interesting one in OUR little world, if not to perhaps my random blog readers out there. The weather the next couple days here in SW Ontario is supposed to remain crappy, but Sunday should be nice again, which is also good - sunshine on my birthday. :D I'll try to remain consistent as I have been about posting, and hope everyone enjoys their weekend, weather and all. Xs and Os.

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