Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Personal Update

Haven't done this in awhile so -

Little Tyke's been my date this week. We went swimming yesterday, and to baby group at the library, and Stars & Strollers movie (Angels and Demons) this afternoon. My mom's been over a bunch helping me clean up the yard etc. and we visited his other grandparents tonight.

He's basically the same happy little boy I've been in love with - he's been a bit cranky as it's been a busy, out-of-routine kind of week and he's teething etc. but you have to understand when I say 'cranky' he's still basically happy and smiley; just gets tired like any other baby. He's also starting to make strange - I've left him with my parents once and Ari's parents once in the last two weeks, and he's been miserable with them (and trust me, he's got the best grandparents in the world); even tonight while Ari and I were there, he was not happy unless we were holding him. Rough roads ahead I think as we try to make time for dates more, and I'm looking at going back to work - but he's a happy well-adjusted boy, we'll make it work. :)

So 90% great stuff with baby as usual, and the other 10% being typical 6-month-old baby stuff, and Ari and I are happy and hummin' along, the weather's wonderful; we're all recovered from our colds of two weeks ago, although with LT being a bit fussier than usual the energy level can be 'not there' at times. Happy but tired I think sums up the mood here for all 3 of us.

Meanwhile a few congrats go out to Ari's best friend Tim (and wife Lynn) on the birth of their second son Sawyer, and my friend Joel (and wife Leanne) on their son's birth; this makes my friends Joanna and Jeff an aunt and uncle, two months before welcoming THEIR second wee one themselves.

It's in the water, folks ... ;)


Anonymous said...
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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Aw. I'm glad things are going well ... not only for you but for your friends as well.

I'm jealous. I still have that baby fever/itch I think. But that's not an option. Noppers. No way.

Miss you!