Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy weekend comin' up ...

*NOTE: GRRRR ... this time I didn't hit the wrong button w/this post; but I saved part of it as a draft to post later when supper became ready, and I got kinda sick before I got back to it - and yes REALLY sick, that's not a euphemism for anything*

So I'm looking forward to this weekend as long as I can accomplish all the things I want to accomplish in the meantime - mainly a large stack of laundry and tidying the house up a bit (not too much - still tidy from our visitors last weekend) before my in-laws get over tomorrow to celebrate Mother's Day with us. Ari and I have a ballroom dance lesson tonight which is always fun and I think this might time perfectly for Little Tyke too; he'll be eating any minute and we're heading out in 1-2 hours so he won't be hungry or fussy, and might even be tired.

Tomorrow is the 25th-reunion of my very first school! I taught at a small private Christian school my first year out of teacher's college, which is ( - :( - ) closing after this school year, which also happens to be their silver anniversary; so they're having a little party at the church their affiliated with. It should be fun. And then it's my first mother's day - we're having a picnic with my in-laws. If the weather doesn't hold out, it will be a picnic on our living room floor. And then Monday it's back to routine (to the extent I have a routine, heheh). Next week we have a social worker visit re. LT - the last one before the final adoption papers are signed (SQUEEE!) - and he has a six-month checkup. Not too shabbeh! :) I enjoy May. I really do. ;)

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