Monday, August 11, 2008

What a lazy weekend ...

But well worth it! Way too many movies, and way too little productive accomplished, but lots of sleep and time spent with my husband caught up on ... much needed. :) I even got to church yesterday, which was nice - I find myself sort of wondering where my life is going these days - I'm on a track professionally and personally that many would kill to be on, and I'm happy with 99% of it, but the devil's in the details often (for example; I want to teach, but am I teaching the age and subject I want to be teaching? so excited about adoption and wanting to keep an open mind about all that, but what's 'keeping an open mind' and what's 'settling'? etc.) ... it was nice to just have some time where I wasn't lonely and kind of bored, nor busy and surrounded by people, to just be at peace, and think.

My brother's off to Scotland as of yesterday, and I hope he got to the airport and in the air safely given the major propane blast in Toronto - my prayers are with those affected by that accident, and thank God that so few people were killed or injured. My prayers are especially with the family of the firefighter who died and the missing employee of the propane plant - while I thank God most people only had to face the inconvenience of an evacuation, I of course feel for those facing more.

We're going, I hope, to Canada's Wonderland today. It should be fun! Although it's forecasting thunderstorms so perhaps we'll just get the chores done around here we should have all this weekend ... though I really, really need to get out of the house. Bare minimum, we have ballroom dancing lessons this weekend which is exciting. :) So hopefully it will be a good afternoon, and I wish everyone else a good one as well! Peace.

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I was in Toronto at the time of the explosion. Luckly, I was nowhere near it. However, I didn't even know about it until close to lunch time.

I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend. Those are always the best.

Big hugs darling. You will always question things in your life. It's human natue.