Saturday, August 2, 2008


Been kind of depressed lately ...
Friends busy or out of town,
And I'm not a great one
For picking up the phone.
Issues w/former best friend
As described.
Husband working, I'm not.
But today ... whole outlook changed.
Went out with close friends
And their kids to the zoo.
Such fun! Just pure,
Pressure-free fun.
Tonight went to a concert
With my other best friend
(The one who still speaks to me)
And met up with another close friend
- If I were to say at this point
I had another best friend
It would be this guy,
My ex, my 'step-brother',
Who even Ari likes -
After the concert for dinner,
Along with cher.
By the way, cher looks great,
Has lost so much weight
And gained so much confidence -
The opposite of myself of late.
I am now inspired,
By remembering I am loved,
And by seeing her example,
To pull myself together,
And head in the right direction,
Inside and out.
Thank you everyone for bearing with me.
If every small journey
Begins with a single step,
Today was mine.
Watch me run!

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I loved seeing you guys yesterday. Glad you got to spend some cher time. Super awesome!!