Thursday, August 14, 2008

Creating Positive Energy

So I've been thinking that I''d like to encourage my readers to comment more on my blog - I mean it isn't all about me, lol, MY life this summer has been boring and I'm sure you're all so much more interesting ;). And I've been thinking I write an awful lot about myself when there are so many BIG DEALS happening out in the world - for example:

  • The war between Russia and Georgia, and the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • The upcoming US presidential election, which perhaps shouldn't have quite the bearing in the entire world that it does, but it DOES so is therefore a big deal
  • The Olympics being held in an undemocratic and oppressive country which won't even allow a very cute, sweet nine year old to go out and sing in public because her teeth are crooked
  • The propane explosion in Toronto and the incompetence that brought it about
  • The murder of Tim McLean on the bus in Winnipeg
But then I got to thinking ... as much as those are the Big Stories these days, how negative! How terrible! Is there nothing happy, and positive going on in the world? Don't get me wrong, I'm a political and news junkie I could analyze and tear those things apart, but why would I bring myself, or you guys, down by devoting so very much time to those things? Some thanks for y'all reading my blog, eh, "Sarah's tearjerker news story of the week".

And then I read Alex's blog yesterday (or maybe it was Tuesday), where she finished requesting comments about one positive thing which had happened this week. And I'm going to open that up to you all - please comment on one positive thought or event or conversation you had this week. I'll start; I've had two.

  1. After what has felt like a bit of a quiet and boring summer, I applied to direct a one-act play for a local theatre group here, to be mounted January - they'll decide in September if they accept my submission but I was told it looked good, and I was just proud to get myself out there again after a fair sabbatical from the theatre world. And
  2. I spoke with the woman whose mat. leave I've been covering this week about back to school and she was so supportive, encouraging, and fun to talk to - plus the other French teacher at my school called me up just to see how I was doing, which was so sweet.
So again, no big life-changing events or anything for sure or that, just those nice, positive moments that make one's day brighter. Anyone have any of those to share? Please do!

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Hm ... some positive things ... in no particular order ...

1. Had an Ah-haa moment this weekend and know exactly where I want to go with my business.
2. Made a decision that needed to be made. May need to make it again in a years time though ....
3. OH! Keean is doing actually pretty good with his potty training. Thank goodness.