Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did You Know

- did you know that an afternoon with a couple awesome girlfriends is a lot of fun?
- did you know there's a tremendous feeling of accomplishment in a clean house?
- did you know a working car radio is a very precious commodity and I'm glad to have one?
- did you know you should use good judgement, before questioning someone else's?
- did you know honesty is the best policy and I think I used it well yesterday?
- did you know I mean that even if it didn't get me quite the result I'd hoped for?
- did you know the Hills is actually a really interesting social commentary?
- did you know accepting your limits, and then stretching them comfortably, is exhilerating?
- did you know that's especially true when it comes to roller coasters?
- did you know vacation provides an awesome thing to look forward to?
- did you know this summer has been a real time of self-discovery for me?
- and did you know I've ended up quite proud of myself at the end of it?
- did you know that being sure of yourself, and then questioning that certainty, is good for you?
- did you know that's especially true when it makes you even more sure of yourself than before?
- did you know I'm proud of people who are strong and fight for what's important to them?
- did you know that goes even when I don't agree with them?
- and did you know of those people, I am most proud of my grampa, the best fighter of all?

And lastly ...

- did you know that 'did you knows' are really annoying? take note WWE ...

lol - Have a great rest of your week everyone. :)

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

lol I like "did you know" lists. Guess I'm weird.