Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Personal Notes

So I made mention this weekend in my blog that I had been feeling very down and lonely, and I had been happy to see friends and family this weekend etc.; now it's time to name names and give more specific and personal thank yous. Form letters were never my style. So here goes - and in NO particular order, I'm appreciative to all of you, every one right now.

Alex: Hanging out with you and Don and the kids on Saturday was great fun. You remind Ari and I every time we see you guys why we want to be parents. :) You're awesome. You've supported us through every step of our adoption journey, and that's something I definitely don't take for granted, and am humbled by. Thank you for the high chair, and darling - happy, happy anniversary. Per your blog, things might have gone quickly for you two to start, but I have no doubt we'll be talking about anniversary number TWENTY-two when we're old and grey and grandparents. :) And about that grandparent thing, just remember - you may be younger than me, but you'll probably be "Grandma" first. ;)

The Meldrums: Thank you for inviting Ari and I to Denis' concert. Licia, you are like the kid sister I never had and always wanted, and I'm so glad even when things get rough for one or both of us, that we can always get through it, lending each other a hand and being a support for one another. You've found such a great blessing in Scott and I am so happy for you about that. Kendyll, I love that we can go years without seeing each other and you are still warm and friendly and approachable - never change! You're amazing. Meldrum Parents: thank you for raising two beautiful young women I respect so much - it was a pleasure to meet you finally (and Denis, to hear your music) , and if your other daughters turn out even HALF as well as the first two you will have done a spectacular job.

Esther: I don't know HOW you knew I needed to hear from someone friendly last week, but you did and thank you for Facebooking me. :) Can't wait to see you this month and relive some of our great times together without other stupid university drama clouding any of it (and you know what I mean! :P)

Joanna: OK so I didn't get to see you this week like the others but one of my most constant source of smiles this summer has been having the time to watch Kieran grow through Facebook, and in person once or twice. So thanks for sharing, and like Alex, thanks for being such a support through the adoption process. You're awesome, and I only hope to be as great a mother, wife, and woman as you are.

Nick: I know you haven't had the best week ever yourself by any stretch, and yet you still found time to meet up with Ari and cher and I the other day; to call me today; you're just so easy to get along with and you make me laugh more than anyone, and that is SO great. You're my ex-bf, you're one of my best friends, but you also just 'get it' - you're easy to talk to, and even my hubby likes you! :D So, thanks for fitting in so well into my crazy life. You're awesome.

OK and my last two, but certainly not least - :D -

Mom: I am amazed at how you are able to take charge, be helpful, supportive and such a great guide through life, even at my ripe old all-knowing age of 26 (har har), without (honestly!) coming across as naggy or preachy or judgemental. I wish everyone gave advice in the same way with the same tone as you, and I want to thank you for that and apologize for not realizing that until I was an adult, but I guess "Who does?" right? A much needed kick in the butt conversation with you earlier this week, but done with love, and you'll be with me on that journey - I can't wait for September!

cher: Thanks for being in town. Thanks for talking with me today, and putting up with me talking. Thanks for making time for me when I know it's a short visit and hard to see everyone. Thanks for being my twin, my sister, my friend - the BEST I have. Much like Kendyll, I love that we don't miss a step for being far apart. I loved catching up with you this weekend and today, and let's keep doing that, hmmm? :D Welcome home!

Oh ... and one more!

Ari: I didn't forget you. This isn't my Oscar Speech where I forget my hubby. You just put up with my moods so well last week, even when in one yourself at times, and you're there every day, even when the above people can't be. It's you who wakes up to me and you who's around until bed time, and as much as I love everyone on this entry, I don't know if I could put up with that from too many people. In fact only two people on this list can say they've lived with me other than you, so they know I'm not always the easiest and I'm sure they don't envy you your job every day. I know I don't. But thank you for doing it so lovingly and gracefully. I adore you for it. :) MWAH!

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

lol are you saying one of my kidlets is going to be a slut like I was in Highschool? lol. IM KIDDING! I better not be a grandma until I'm at least 60 yrs old lol.

I always enjoy spending time with you and Ari. How could I not? And how could I not be supportive of you and Ari throughout the adoption process??!! You guys will make great parents. I know you will. You both want it so much and you get to see all my mistakes lmao. So you wont make the same ones right?! lol.