Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's the Weekend!

And it's going to be a productive one!

Today I'm heading into the school to get my class set up and tidy, and get some plans in order for Sept. Tomorrow Ari and I are helping out at the Family and Children's Services booth at KidsPARK, which is basically a combination fun event for families with activities, games, food etc., and where some community organizations who might have a children's bent (such as FACS, Block Parents, the Safety Village) can set up info booths and let the community know about the services they provide, and how to get involved. We'll be handing out tattoos, information, and playing games with interested passers-by, hopefully recruiting some new foster parents and volunteers.

And then it's one more work week for Ari until we're on vacation - and that week should be fun in the meantime. As well as my usual tutoring, I'll probably need to go in at least once more to get stuff organized and planned at the school, which I am SO ready to get back to at this point, let me tell you! And there may or may not be a trip in the works to Canada's Wonderland with cher in the works, depending on how we get our schedules together as it's a busy week ahead for her it sounds like, and mine's not TOO busy but the stuff I DO have to do is kind of broken up - an hour here, an hour there. We're thinking Wednesday is probably the most likely at this point. We'll see.

She's leaving again this weekend, :'( which makes me sad - this was a shorter visit than usual, and the poor girl has had to split her time a bit more as it's been harder to get mutual friends together, plus her parents are now BOTH in Kitchener - but we're going to make the most of this week! :D Even if Wonderland doesn't work out, we're getting together with our moms sometime this week, and it sounds like she's having some kind of get-together later this week which I will be at so ... cool. :D Some good times w/my best girlfriend.

And then it's time to visit with some old friends from high school, and Sauble, and then back to work! The summer is really winding to an end ... I feel like I didn't make the most of it in some ways as I've spent so much of my time getting the house in order, running errands that I hadn't gotten around to, tutoring (which has been an enjoyable way to make money through the summer and doesn't take up a LOT of my time by any stretch, but is just sort of timed in the middle of the day to make it difficult to do much else), getting the last few things ready to be approved to adopt, and now waiting for 'The Call' and feeling like things aren't quite complete around here until we get it.

But then I realize I DID tutor and enjoy it, I managed to completely move in to and SETTLE in to my new house, which I wouldn't have been able to if I were working full-time, I've gotten a lot accomplished, and still found time to go to some Highland Games to cheer on my brother, Canada's Wonderland, the beach at Port Dover, visits with parents for dinner and swimming, the zoo with friends, dancing, rediscovering church ... it has been a good one after all and I think I'm finally actually learning what my mom has been trying to tell me all these years - enjoy what's happening in your life while it's happening instead of stressing about the bad stuff and just looking forward to the NEXT good thing. Good things happen all around us, and we should be thankful for that. What are YOU thankful for?

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