Monday, August 18, 2008

To debunk Urban Legends

I would like to debunk for all the urban legend that you can unlock your car with your cellphone when you've locked your keys in it. This is based on the concept that I use my cellphone to call the holder of my extra keyless entry remote - Ari in this case - and have him aim said remote at the phone he's using, while pointing my cell at the car. The theory is that the radio waves are carried through the cell and unlock the car.

While in theory this is possible, as RKE (remote keyless entry) systems are no longer on infrared but radio waves, they are on a completely different band from cells. And I would like to save anyone who has places to be and is desperate to get into their car and on the road the embarrassment of falling for this when they seek aid online for a similar situation.

On the plus side, I got everywhere I needed to be today *except* school, where I'd intended to do my classroom set up that seems to keep getting put off (this weekend I GOT there, but my key's been deactivated for the summer). I can just go in tomorrow so it isn't that BIG a deal, but annoying - and the panic of 'will I catch the correct bus and get everywhere on time' is never fun. Additionally on the plus side - walked more today than I have since we moved to Kitchener. Oh screw it ... lol this was annoying. But how'd I do for looking on the bright side? ;)

Also anyone who wants to make me feel better with silly 'locked the keys in the car' stories can feel free to post them here as well. ;)

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