Sunday, May 4, 2008

A truly awesome weekend ... and looking forward to a good week!

So I have to say this weekend was pretty damn cool! Yesterday was busy, but not in the 'running around, too much to do stressful busy' kind of way. A high school friend of mine - Marjorie - is having a baby, so we went to her baby shower yesterday afternoon. Got to see my good friend Alex there as well, and it was fun. Your typical kitschy baby shower - awesomeness. I don't know Marjorie as well as many others so our gift wasn't particularly creative - we got them a gift certificate to Babies 'R' Us - but I think that's probably more appreciated than trying to figure out what they already have or don't.

And then last night was a belated birthday dinner for another hs friend of mine - Joanna. I went to school with her, her husband Jeff and her brother Joel, so we all, along with some others, got to spend the evening together. Another high school acquaintance I hadn't seen in a long time - Steph G. - was there as well so it was awesome. J&J have a beautiful home, and their 8-month-old baby is still cute. I know - I checked! ;)

The down side of all this though is that I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, and I'm not entirely sure I blogged Friday either, which of late isn't like me I usually try to be on here every other day or so. But I'm here now, and you know where I've been. Tomorrow is going to be another out-of-touch day, as I think I'm going straight from work, to picking up hubby, to Toronto for a wrestling event! :D Wrestling hasn't been in Canada in almost a year due to the last set of shows being around when Chris Benoit killed himself and his family, and as he was Canadian the Canuck leg of their trip was cut. But they're back now, and we're going to RAW tomorrow night! YAY! But I'm sure I'll tell you all about it when we're back. Meanwhile, I'm going back to the tear of packing I've been on ... hope everyone else had an awesome weekend though and keep readin'! ;) XO - me.

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