Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me ...

So today was my birthday - 26. It was an awesome day. Really it started last night - we had a dance lesson where I got some pie and was sung to before we met one of my best friends (ex-boyfriend actually) and his girlfriend of ... oh about a year? ... for dinner. Today we met my family - my entire family, minus my dad - for lunch. Mom, Step-dad, Step-mom, brother, his girlfriend ... it was good times with awesome, awesome people. And a good haul! Some new clothes, a manicure/pedicure gift certificate, some wine, a cut and colour for my hair, bookstore gift certificate ... :D Nice. Plus my gramma sent me $100 to play poker with - a new passion of mine. Awesomeness.

We then went to dinner with our friends Alex and Don - they are awesome and generous people, with very sweet kids, who showed us a nice dinner. She baked us a cake, and we had a lovely visit. Ari got to test his 'daddy' skills playing with their son, and we then headed out to see "Evita". It was a college production with all the attendant technical kerfuffles or whatever, but a very talented cast who did everything they could, the show was watchable and enjoyable. And my way-too-generous husband, on top of this date, bought me tickets to Romeo and Juliet in Stratford. I've only been to Stratford Festival once since HS, and it's a great but expensive experience he managed to find a great deal on so yay.

Hopefully tomorrow is as productive as today was relaxing and NOT productive lol. Meanwhile, wishing everyone as a great a day as I had. Peace all. XO

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Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

"they are awesome and generous people, with very sweet kids,"

You are too kind my darling. You two are close friends. Why wouldn't we treat you to a yummy BBQ and cake for your birthday?!