Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Was busy most of the day yesterday
So didn't get a chance to blog
But right now would like to say ...

Happy Mother's Day:

Mom -
You are my best friend,
My inspiration,
The woman I hope to be.
I have never met someone
So universally liked
And respected.
And if I haven't said it enough,
You did an awesome job.
Any good in me
Comes from you
And your tireless work -
Even if I didn't always appreciate it.
Thank you.

Gramma -
You were my second mom,
My best friend,
My first phonecall every weekend,
The person I trusted most growing up,
And you still top that list today.
I respect the care you take
Of your family,
And admire your strength
And unconditional love and support
And honesty. Thank you, as well.

Monique -
You came into our family at a tough time,
But you make my dad so happy,
And have been an awesome friend
To my brother and to me.
I can never thank you enough for that -
For not being an 'evil stepmother',
For being so kind to all of us.
Many, many thanks.

Val -
You raised the man I love,
And did an awesome job.
You are a voice of calm and reason,
Never overbearing but always observing,
And you have earned my respect, trust
And love and appreciation always.

To the moms I know -
Alex, Joanna, Lynn, Jules,
Many of the girls at work -
You're awesome. You're strong,
You are raising some of the nicest,
Most intelligent, most amazing
Children I know.
Thank you
For being the young and cool
Moms I want to be.
And Jules - thanks for being MY mom
During a very trying time this winter.
I still have your jacket. ;)
Thanks everyone.
Hopefully, I will join your ranks next year.

And to all mothers everywhere -
May this be a time to reflect;
On your successes, on your 'areas of opportunity'.
A time for your family to appreciate you,
And for you to appreciate yourselves.
Happy Mother's Day.
God Bless.

1 comment:

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Big hugs darling. I love you lots and appreciate and feel special that you've mentioned me here in your post.

You WILL be a mommy for Mother's Day next year. I have no doubt in my mind about that.

The way I look at it is you're already a Mommy. You're just waiting to meet your baby.