Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quick update

Hey guys - still offline (actually at my in-laws right now borrowing their computer) - but thought I'd drop in just to say I hope everyone's having a great long weekend, as we are (minus the lack of internet lol). We met with a couple of friends for breakfast yesterday and then went to the market before rigging up a TV and DVD player on our balcony (with the help of extension cord of course) for an outdoor movie marathon, complete with a couple glasses of wine. A very nice afternoon!

And now after shooting up some internet, as my FIL called it ;), we're heading to the movie theatre to check out a wrestling pay-per-view attraction, and tomorrow it's to my mom's for lunch. All in all a good time! :) And hopefully Tuesday the internet will be back up and running, and I'll be back at work refreshed and reenergized, and all will be well. Hope all is well out there with my cyber-friends, and hope to be in touch again too. Xs and Os to everyone with the patience to put up with my offline-ness this week. It's killin' me! :P Cheers.

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