Monday, May 26, 2008

Awesome start ...

So - today was a good one. One of my classes was on a field trip so I got a nice unexpected prep time, plus I managed to retain my G2 (not that that was really a surprise - I've had it for years, and been driving awhile, but I haven't had time to get my full license but I can't keep this one past this month without re-qualifying so I did ... yay).

We had a nice dinner to celebrate, bought some groceries, and all that ... I'm now mellowing out with a glass of wine before sitting down with some marking and some half-naked sweaty athletic men (yes ... WWE Raw in an hour lol).

AND ... the projected thunderstorm DIDN'T HAPPEN, which meant I got to take my kindies outside to play - which is usually more fun for them, and results in them being better behaved (or, more to the point, if they DO slip up it matters less as it isn't inside the school and disturbing other classes). So all in all a good start to my week ... hope everyone else's began as successfully! :) Peace.

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