Friday, May 9, 2008

A Rant

OK. Let me preface this entry with the fact I KNOW that in the grand scheme of things, this is the very definition of 'small potatoes'. With 100,000+ dead in Myanmar, George Bush as US President, soldiers still in Iraq and Afghanistan, reaching the peak of oil, etc. my little problems as a solidly middle class 25-year-old professional woman, happily married in Canada, will very rarely amount to 'First-Class Tragedy' status. But hopefully here I can vent some frustration I've been dealing with this week, having recognized it's not a major thing, so that I can get it out of my system and return to being the generally happy, calm, productive young woman I've worked on being these last few weeks (contrary to my general jaded, lazy, cranky character lol).

I mentioned some frustrations with the Ministry of Transportation yesterday - that they don't book road tests outside of bankers hours, that you can't keep your mid-level license (the G2, between the learner's and full permits) once you've earned it unless you get your full license before it expires, etc. Well, as frustrating as it is, life is life, I'm more than familiar with public sector nonsense, and as I mentioned last night I was prepared to deal with it, requalify for my G2 and take my test for my full license once I got a break from work in the summer. Well, as it turns out ... as long as I am scheduled for that G2 test, I am considered a "G1" driver - ie, on my learner's permit. Ie not allowed to drive by myself, etc. etc. etc. - I find this out while I'm at school and my husband is at work.

Now for the sake of not incriminating myself I won't say how I made my way home, but the point is this is a HUGE inconvenience, and puts me between a rock and a hard place. I am a qualified licensed driver, able to drive by myself, and quite competent at it. But if I intend to not let my license as I currently have it lapse, I need to rely on the bus and my husband's driving me around for the next ten days. Which is not exactly the end of the world admittedly, as I said, but to give up the freedom and to be judged as a novice driver simply because I haven't had my own car in which to get driving experience and practice until 6-8 mos. ago, and now I actually WORK during the hours testing is available, due to governmental public sector red tape, is pissing me off royally. Again ... not exactly a nuke going off or famine or a natural disaster or world peace, but one of those petty little personal grievances, and since this is a personal blog, I figured I'd air it.

All that on top of a very WEIRD and FRUSTRATING teaching day ... this is definitely time to be T'ing GIF.

And I'm spent. :P Thanks for listening guys - I DO feel better and promise to make my next post more upbeat. Luv y'all. XO

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Fucking Liscence Patrol Jerks