Thursday, May 8, 2008

SUCCESS IN THE KITCHEN! ... And other tales.


That is my big triumph. I actually cooked. lol I made a ham. And corn on the cob. And it was edible. In fact, it was even ... dare I say ... 'good' and 'yummy'.

Words cannot describe. :D

Today was also productive - sent off a bunch of mail I've been sitting on, went to a Dr.'s appointment (blood pressure slightly up - probably the ham ... salt and all, y'know? that plus a Tim Horton's habit I've apparently developed this week), shopped for Mother's Day (no small task with a mom, a step-mom, a mom-in-law and a VERY VERY dear grandma to shop for ;) ), and just generally booted about town in my hot little Optra.

Which reminds me - I want to take my "G" exit test (for non-Ontarians: basically going from my learner's permit to my full license) in Stratford - I'm ready for it except I'm not terribly experienced with highway driving and the highway in Stratford is less scary than the Kitchener one - but they don't schedule those roadtests after 3:15 pm. Well I'm at work till 3:15. So what I'm going to do - right now I'm on my permit between my learner's and my full license - yay graduated licensing - but it's about to expire, which would bump me down to my learner's again. So I'm going to requalify for that next week (which is incredibly basic and I should be able to do in my sleep ... though let's hope not) and then in the summer when I'm not working as consistently (or will at least have a break between jobs I'd think), I'll get my full license.

But meanwhile - might I add a grumble here about government/public sector bureaucracy? ARGH are the MTO and drivetest people frustrating ... and to think my silly husband thinks private enterprise is generally all kinds of wrong. Perhaps - but at least they are efficient, and you can cow them into being customer-friendly at least SOME of the time ... but anyway. I'm trying something new this week - it's called focusing on the positive - so I think I'll get off THIS ride before it takes me into cynical and jaded-ville ... where I've already spent way too much of my time over the years.

But that aside, as you can see, BUSY - that's my life in a nutshell lately - and it doesn't look to be letting up anytime soon. The fun part of the school year is about to commence - camping and year end assemblies and parties and stuff - plus we're going camping at the end of the month so I can take a French certification test, and my birthday is coming up, plus we have a wedding to go to, and our move, and perhaps more progress in other areas of our life ... and then it will be Sept. again before we know it. Whoever said time goes faster and faster as you get older knew of what they spoke, let me say that!

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