Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Writing contracts

Hi guys - I know there are definitely some writers and potential writers out there in blogland so I thought I'd bring to your attention the website - it's particularly in regard to Transcontinental Publications (Canadian Living, TVGuide, More, etc.). Their contracts are incredibly unfair to writers, and so I'm putting this out there to discourage anyone from submitting works to these magazines (a list can be found at the above website) without the contract having been renegotiated.

If you're in a position like me where you're just starting to get your writing chops in order, it's also a good indicator of what to expect, and not expect, in a writing contract. Reading this contract, it seems reasonably fair to me until this website addresses just what further writes should be included in it for writers. It's a good place, I suppose, to submit an article or two and get your name out there - but recognize that you can definitely get better treatment and more fair contracts elsewhere. Best of luck all of you aspiring writers!

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