Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday was Halloween -
LT's first.
We didn't take him trick or treating
So we would get stuck eating the candy,
But we doled out,
Costumed him up,
Cut up a pumpkin, all that jazz.
His grandparents, my in-laws were here,
And we had a fabulous weekend.
We explored some of our own city,
Restaurants we hadn't been to,
Some places like the indoor playground
That we HAD been to,
And lots of adventures
In eating, peeing, bathing ...
Glad it's Sunday, and quiet,
And I'm off to bed soon,
But glad the weekend was busy
And kept me distracted,
As I'd had a rough day or two leading in.
Recharged, sort of,
I face next week. I shall conquer all!
May it be good for everyone.
Happy Halloween,
Happy November!

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