Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NEW LAYOUT!!! And more.

Hi all - first off an "I'm sorry" I've been such a lame blogger this week; this happens every so often that family, chores, and work (YES! WORK! I am finally a working teacher, having strung together TWO, yes TWO supply teaching days in a row, today and tomorrow!) kind of get overwhelming and in the way. I try to minimize that, or at LEAST post that I won't be posting much lol, but this time real-life really got away with me (the nerve!). Not much to talk about, it's either too personal/boring outside of those who know me to get into, or too just 'more of the same' - I'm a mom wife and teacher, these things take up a certain amount of time and I for one am just impressed never go more than 3 days without blogging nonetheless sometimes lol.

Secondly, a big thank you to Alex at MY LIFE MY GLORY (too lazy to link, lol, but she's in my blogroll at the right), for sending me along the new template which I feel so very much reflects my family and my team these days. :) It is a particularly special template as it was 'Premade for a Purpose' - click the button below. Lena is a blog template designer seeking to adopt her first baby. Proceeds from templates ordered from this site go towards their adoption fund. As an adoptive mommy myself, I think that is so cool and thank Alex so much for supporting Lena in my name. Next time I decide to change up my template, I will have to do the same! Again ... the buttons for both her main design site, and her Premade for a Purpose site are at the bottom of this entry.

I think that was it ... nothing ... oh right! Some Happy Birthdays! First, to my wonderful husband Ari who celebrated 28 yesterday. Yesterday was also the 1-year anniversary of our Met-ya day with Little Tyke ... Ari's birthday will always be incredibly special now I think in both of our memories, as not only has it brought our family Ari, but also LT. Another important birthday shout-out to my grandpa Cal, who turns 86 years young tomorrow, and is healthier than he's been in a few years now. Two of the most important men in my life, both celebrating birthdays this week - wishing both a fabulous year ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the template beautiful :) I thought it felt you so incredably well. Lena designs some outstanding blog templates. I've always loved them.

Glad you were able to get a couple of days with work in them. That's really exciting.